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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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The book ‘Integrating Immigrants in Europe: Research-Policy Dialogues’ discusses the relationship between research and policy in the area of migrant integration. It speaks to migration literature as well as the broader policy sciences and sociology of science and scientific knowledge.

The book brings together theoretical contributions as well as a number of unique cases studies from various parts of Europe. The book sheds light under how and why research-policy dialogues have evolved differently in different settings (different ‘boundary configurations’). It also shows the relevancy of not only studying how research impacts policymaking (knowledge utilization), but also the other way around (knowledge production).

The book is based on the DIAMINT project (funded by the Volkswagenstiftung) and the IMISCOE Research cluster on Research-Policy Dialogues. The generous support of the Volkswagenstiftung and IMISCOE have also made it possible to publish the book in hardcopy as well as in Open Access.

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