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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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On April 16th, the first in a series of symposia will take place in preparation of the book ‘Rotterdam, City of Migration.’ The book brings together work from various scholars from Erasmus University Rotterdam and beyond on how Rotterdam deals and has dealt with migration-related diversity.

The book is edited by Peter Scholten, Maurice Crul and Paul van de Laar, as a joint initiative of the departments of public administration, sociology and history.

The focus of the book project is on how Rotterdam is coming to terms with the reality of a superdiverse city. Whereas much has been said (and published) on ‘happy’ superdiverse cities like New York and London, there is much less work on cities where the adaptation to superdiversity has been a more intractable process. This book will take Rotterdam as a case study of a city that has been struggling to come to terms with superdiversity, which represents many more cities throughout Europe and beyond. It also provides an occassion to bring together the many studies that have been done on migration history, contemporary migration, integration processes, integration policies and comparisons involving Rotterdam. The meeting brings together all foreseen contributors to the book, including scholars from sociology, public administration and history.

For more information on the book project, please mail p.w.a.scholten @ fsw.eur.nl