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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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On March 30 and 31, a bilateral work visit takes place of French policymakers to Dutch counterparts. The work visit is part of the UPSTREAM project on mainstreaming integration governance. By bringing together policy stakeholders from both countries, the project aims to exchange experiences with mainstreaming integration policies.

This involves key questions as how to embed migrant integration into generic policies in areas as housing, education and labour, but also questions related to governance structure such as how to ensure interdepartmental and multi-level policy coordination to maintain policy coherency.   Participants to the work visit includes representatives of national government (from both countries) as well as from  local governments (Lyon, St Denis, Rotterdam, Amsterdam).

The work visit involves roundtables on policy mainstreaming and on anti-discrimination, as well as site visits to National Program Rotterdam South, a tour through Rotterdam South, and as conclusion a visit to the Rotterdam Deputy Mayor for Integration Schneider.

In the context of UPSTREAM, other work visits are taking place as well, including representatives from the UK, Spain, Poland, the EU and France. On 13-14 April, Dutch stakeholders will bring a visit to Poland in the context of UPSTREAM, focusing in particular on intra-EU mobility.

For an overview of the program, see link

For more on project UPSTREAM, see www.project-upstream.eu