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It's finally there, our book “Policy Analysis in the Netherlands”, co-edited with my colleague Frans van Nispen. It has been a long journey with many ups and downs, but really relieved that we made it. The Netherlands is one of the most exceptional cases in terms of the institutionalization of policy analysis (advisory bodies, planning bureaus).

At the same time, in terms of academic performace, the Netherlands has been a stronghold for the development of various schools of thought in policy analysis, with very signifcant international impact. We hope our book will contribute further ongoing debates on the relevancy of policy analysis, methods of policy analysis and strengthening the academic embeddedness of policy analysis and policy research more in general.

The book is published with Policy Press, and is part of a broader International Library of Policy Analysis series, edited by Michael Howlett and Iris Geva May. The book is now also available on amazon.

Table of contents:

1. Policy analysis in the Netherlands: an introduction ~ Frans van Nispen and Peter Scholten


Part One: Policy styles and modes of policy analysis

2. Policy analysis in practice: reinterpreting the quest for evidence-based policy ~ Mark van Twist, Rien Rouw and Martijn van der Steen

3. Policy analysis in networks: the battle of analysis and the potentials of joint fact-finding ~ Arwin van Buuren and Joop Koppenjan

4. Patterns of science–policy interaction ~ Robert Hoppe

5. Interpretive policy analysis in the Netherlands ~ Severine van Bommel, Merlijn van Hulst and Dvora Yanow


Part Two: Policy analysis in government

6. Policy analysis and evaluation in national government ~ Frans van Nispen

7. Policy analysis at the local government level ~ Frank Hilterman and Henk Klaassen

8. Policy analysis and performance audit at the ‘highest level’: looking for evidence and responsiveness ~ Peter van der Knaap


Part Three: Advisory boards, consultancy firms, research institutes and think tanks

9. Advisory boards and planning bureaus ~ Peter Scholten and Frans van Nispen

10. The Dutch policy research industry ~ Peter van Hoesel


Part Four: Policy analysis in politics and by interest groups in society

11. Policy analysis in the Dutch Parliament ~ Karin Zaal

12. Policy analysis and political party think tanks ~ Arco Timmermans, Edwin van Rooyen and Gerrit Voerman

13. Policy analysis by negotiation: trade unions, employers organisations and the Social and Economic Council ~ Menno Fenger and Pierre Koning


Part Five: Policy analysis in the academic world

14. Policy analysis as instruction ~ Wil Thissen

15. Contested knowledge in theory-driven policy analysis: setting the Dutch stage ~ Victor Bekkers


Part Six: Conclusion

16. Institutionalisation and performance of policy analysis and evaluation in the Netherlands ~ Peter Scholten and Frans van Nispen