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5-10-2011 Job Vacancy: applicants invited for PhD position in a project on Social Media & Integration. For more information: see link.

5-10-2011 Just filed the application for funding for a new International Journal of Comparative Migration Studies; let’s now hope that it get’s funded.

19-08-2011 Next year, I’ll become associate researcher of the Centre on Migration Policy and Society (COMPAS) at Oxford University.

19-08-2011 I’ve accepted the editorship of Perspectives on Europe, the journal of the Council for European Studies (link).

19-08-2011 New research project has been accepted by the European Integration Fund, on the impact of admission criteria on the integration of migrants (IMPACIM).

15-06-2011 Happy to be introduced as new research fellow of the Montesquieu Institute. See for more information: link.

19-05-2011 Presentation of new advisory report ‘Migration politics for an open society’, by the Dutch Council for Social Development; together with Prof.dr. Han Entzinger, I wrote one of the preparatory studies for this advisory report. See: link.

15-05-2011 A new research project has been accepted: UniteEurope, on the role of ICT-tools in the e-governance of immigrant integration. Together with Prof. Victor Bekkers, I will coordinator the Dutch case study and the comparative workpackages on local immigrant integration policies.

27-02-2011 A new research project has been accepted by the VolkswagenStiftung; the coming 2 years Han Entzinger and I will be coordinating the international comparative project ‘Science-society dialogues on migration and integration in Europe’.

9-01-2011 New publication with Jan Willem Duyvendak. The invention of the Dutch multicultural model and its effects on integration discourses in the Netherlands. in Perspectives on Europe (40:2). See: http://www.ces.columbia.edu/pub/Autumn_2010_Perspectives.pdf

30-11-2010 Critical review of the new government plans on immigration and integration; see newspaper article in NRC Handelsblad and NRC.next: see link.

27-11-2010 Very happy with the nomination for the ‘Arthur’; the prize for best lecturer in Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Students can cast their vote here: http://www.eur.nl/fsw/intranet/bestuurskunde/onderwijs/arthur/

27-11-2010 About to become representative for the Erasmus University at the Centre for the History of Migrants (International Institute for Social History: http://www.iisg.nl/cgm/)

19-11-2010 New contribution to the EUDO Citizenship debate on ‘Which indicators are most useful for comparing integration policies?’; together with Rogier van Reekum, Jan Willem Duyvendak and Christophe Bertossi: see http://eudo-citizenship.eu/citizenship-forum/380-which-indicators-are-most-useful-for-comparing-citizenship-policies?start=3

30-9-2010 In debate with Mr. Bleker (CDA) and Mr. Plasterk (PvdA) on the immigration and integration aspects of the new draft coalition agreement of CDA, PvdA, with support of the PVV: http://nos.nl/audio/188406-het-oog-de-consequenties-van-vrijheid-en-verantwoordelijkheid.html.

24-9-2010 Forthcoming in Journal of International Migration and Integration: Duyvendak, W.G.J. and Scholten, P.W.A. Beyond National Models of Integration. The Coproduction of Integration Policy Frames in the Netherlands.

8-9-2010 Interviewed for the Dutch Radio 1 news program ‘Met het Oog op Morgen’; see http://nos.nl/audio/183577-het-europees-integratiedebat-deel-2.html.

17-07-2010 And more good news: I received a VENI grant from the Dutch science foundation, which allows me start a challenging research project for the coming four years on: ‘Beyond National Models of Integration? Agenda Dynamics and the Multi-Level Governance of Immigrant Integration.’

15-07-2010 Very happy to receive a ‘Top-Talent Scholarship’ from the Faculty of Social Sciences!

26-06-2010 Just received news that my research proposal ‘The local politics of attention – local policy agendas in a comparative and historical perspective’ has been accepted as an exploratory study in the research program of the Dutch Science Foundation (‘Contested Democracy’).

8-05-2010 Accepted for publication, later this year in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Scholten & Timmermans, Setting the Immigrant Policy Agenda: Expertise and Politics in France, the UK and the Netherlands.

25-4-2010 IMISCOE has formally accepted the proposal for a new research group on ‘Research-policy dialogues on migration and integration in Europe’. Together with Prof. Rinus Penninx and Prof. Han Entzinger, I’ll be coordinating this new research cluster. See for more info: link.

21-4-2010 Making real progress now with the plans for a new journal, with the tentative name ‘International Journal of Comparative Migration Studies.’ With the help of Amsterdam University Press, it now really looks like it’s going to happen!

20-4-2010 New article, due to be published in Dutch journal ‘bestuurswetenschappen’; Saharso and Scholten, ‘De integratie van ‘Nieuwe Nederlanders’; tussen nationaal beleid en lokale realiteit.’

20-4-2010 Made it to the final rounds of review for two programs of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO); the VENI and the Contested Democracy programs, with the proposals ‘Beyond national models of integration? Agenda dynamics and the multi level governance of integration’ and ‘The local politics of attention’ respectively. Now fingers crossed!

24-3-2010 The proposal for a new IMISCOE RN initiative on ‘Research-policy dialogues on migration and integration in Europe’ has been accepted by IMISCOE. I’ll be coordinating this new research cluster.

23-2-2010 I’m very honoured by having been among the four final nominees (short-list) for the Van Poelje price for best PhD thesis in the field of public administration in the year 2008. View jury-report: link.

5-11-2009 Vacancy for student-assistent for the new research project on ‘The local politics of attention: agenda dynamics and policy change in the City of Rotterdam’; see link.

3-11-2009 From december this year I’ll start a new research project on ‘The local politics of attention: agenda dynamics and policy change in the city of Rotterdam.’ This development of the project will be funded by the research group Compartive Public Services Innovation from Erasmus University. In the future, the project is to be extended into a broader project within the international Comparative Policy Agendas Project.

8-10-2009 Check out my latest publication in the journal of Science & Public Policy (36/7, p. 561-573): ‘The Coproduction of Immigrant Integration Policy and Research in the Netherlands: The Scientific Council for Government Policy.’ (link)

17-09-2009 A research proposal in which I collaborated has been accepted by the European Integration Fund; ‘Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration’ (PROSINT). This project will be coordinated by the International Center for Migration Policy Development in Vienna. See: link.

17-09-2009 I have joined the Immigration Research Group of the Council for European Studies of Columbia University (link).

17-09-2009 Together with Menno Fenger, I’ll be coordinating a training program for professionals in the Dutch social security sector on social policy research, provided by the Erasmus Academy (link).

09-06-2009 Check out the latest IMISCOE Policy Brief on ‘Research-policy dialogues on migration and integration in Europe’, by Rinus Penninx and Peter Scholten (IMISCOE, no. 15, 2009). This policy brief is based on the conference that we organized at the University of Twente in May 2008. You can download the policy brief here.

17-05-2009 Forthcoming in the August issue of the international journal Science & Public Policy: Scholten (2009), The Co-Production of Immigrant Integration Policy and Research in the Netherlands: The Case of the Scientific Council for Government Policy.

12-05-2009 From July 1st 2009 I’ll take up a new challenge as assistant professor Public Policy & Politics at the department of social sciences of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. There I’ll continue working on research on governance in multicultural societies. Also, I’ll work on issues of comparative public policy and Europeanisation of public policy.

5-03-2009 Together with Andrew Geddes and Christina Boswell, I will be editing a special issue of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations on ‘States, Knowledge and Narratives of Migration’. The special issue will be published in 2011.

13-02-2009 Forthcoming in the next issue of the French journal Migrations Societe, a special issue on ‘Beyond national models of integration: France, the Netherlands and the crisis of national models’, edited by Christophe Bertossi and Jan Willem Duyvendak. In this number, an article by Jan Willem Duyvendak and me on ‘Le modele neerlandais d’integration en question.”

13-02-2009 Check out my latest publication on ‘Bonding, bridging and ethnic minorities in the Netherlands: Changing discourses in a changing nation’, in Nations and Nationalism, 15(1). See link.

10-02-2009 Final meeting of the first (pilot) year of the Minor Dutch Studies. Next year, the minor will be continued under a new title: ‘Sociology of Dutch Society’

5-02-2009 Prof.dr. Sawitri Saharso is appointed as professor of Intercultural Governance at the University of Twente. You can find the text of her inauguration speach through this link.

12-11-2008 Together with Christina Boswell (Edinburgh University), I will chair a panel on ‘The Institutional Dynamics of Migration Policy-Making in Europe’ during the ECPR joint sessions in Potsdam in September 2009. Go to link for more information or for submitting a paper proposal

05-11-2008 The information folder of the IMISCOE conference ‘Research-Policy Dialogues on Migration and Integration in Europe’, has now been published (see page 1 and page 2)

04-11-2008 Check the latest special issue of Migrantenstudies on the 2007 report from the Scientific Council for Government Policy ‘Identification with the Netherlands’. In this special issue, a contributed a chapter on ‘the raison-d’etre of a WRR for the integration debate.’ Go to www.migrantenstudies.nl

27-10-2008 Website launched