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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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Soon to be published: Geddes, A. and Scholten, P. Politics of Migration and Immigration in Europe. London: Sage. This book analyses and compares responses by European countries to international migration in its various forms and examines collective responses at European Union (EU) level. We assess why, how and with what effects European countries have developed policies that seek to regulate entry to their territory (immigration policies); what it means when they then seek to ‘integrate’ these migrant newcomers (immigrant policies); and the causes and effects of common EU migration and asylum policies.

Table of contents:

1.     Analysing the Politics of Migration and Immigration in Europe

2.     Britain: the Unexpected Europeanisation of Immigration

3.     France: Still the one and indivisible Republic?

4.     Germany: A country of immigration after all


5.     The Netherlands: Beyond Multiculturalism?


6.     Sweden: Immigration Politics in an Advanced Welfare State

7.    Towards Common EU Migration and Asylum Policies?

8.    Italy and Spain: Opening Pandora’s Box

9.    In the Shadow of the ‘Fortress’? Migration Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe

10.  Greece and Turkey: New Migration Dynamics in South East Europe

11.  Conclusion