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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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After years of preparation, the Erasmus Migration & Diversity Institute (EMDI) finally saw the light on March 10th. EMDI is an initiative of four parts of Erasmus University Rotterdam to bring together research on migration and migration-related diversity from various disciplines. This involves the School of Social Sciences, the School of History, Culture and Communication, the Erasmus Law School, the Erasmus MC Medical Faculty and the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS). Together with Prof.dr. Kristin Henrard, Prof.dr. Susanne Janssen and Prof.dr. Des Gasper I will coordinating EMDI. To mark the occasion, Prof.dr. Steven Vertovec came over to EMDI to provide a guest lecture on the governance of superdiversity. 

EMDI will be developing several activities:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary research coordination between EUR faculties, a.o. in the area of governance of diversity, healthy development, culture & identity, and migration & cohesion.
  • Coordinating the IMISCOE Research network, Europe's largest network of academic research on international migration, integration and social cohesion in Europe
  • Developing cooperation in education on migration and diversity, especially in the context of the master Governance of Migration and Diversity
  • Developing governance labs to valorise knowledge produced by EMDI scholars
  • Holding meetings once a month to address key research topics for EMDI, with every semester one large Research Seminar with an international guest speaker.

More information to follow soon.