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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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The IMISCOE Board of Directors has unanimously decided to grant EUR another coordination period from 2018-2022. We are honoured by the confidence that the BD (now 39 member institutes) has put in us as coordinators. This means that I will continue as coordinator of IMISCOE for this upcoming period. Unfortunately Prof.dr. Maurice Crul will stop as co-coordinator. For the new period there will be a number of key policy priorities for IMISCOE:

  • Pursuing a strategy of incremental growth of the network while maintaining the academic quality of the network's activities
  • Strengthening the interdisicplinary character of the network
  • Develing more intelligent strategies for putting IMISCOE's research capacity to use for research funding opportunities such as Horizon2020 and JPI. 
  • Positioning IMISCOE more centrally in the ongoing public and political debates on migration and migration-related diversity
  • Securing an impact rating for the IMISCOE journal CMS.
  • Decentralizing some of the network activities with a view on the future of IMISCOE.