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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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The new book, edited together with Mark van Ostaijen, on the governance of intra-EU movement is now published! 'Between mobility and migration' discusses the complexities of conceptualizing intra-EU movement and the consequences for the governance in multi-level settings. The book reveals that the conceptualization of intra-EU movement is complicated not only by political and policy-related factors, but also by the intrinsic diversity of intra-EU movement. Furthermore it shows the consequences of this complexification for governance, revealing amongst others the growing 'disjoint' or 'decoupling' between governance approaches adopted at different levels and in different settings. The book is the outcome of a large European research project, IMAGINATION, covering a variety of European countries. 

The book is available in Open Access, via this link


This open access book offers a critical perspective on intra-European mobility and migration by using new empirical data and theoretical discussions. It develops a theoretical and empirical analysis of the consequences of intra-European movement for sending and receiving urban regions in The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic. 

The book conceptualizes Central and Eastern European (CEE) migration by distinguishing between different types of CEE migrants and consequences. This involves a mapping of migration corridors within Europe, a unique empirical analysis of consequences for urban regions, and an analysis of governance responses. Next to the European and country perspectives on this phenomenon, the book focuses on the local perspective of urban regions where most mobile citizens settle (either permanently or temporarily). This way the book puts the analysis of intra-European movement in the perspective of broader theoretical debates in migration studies and beyond.