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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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We are looking for three enthusiastic colleagues for the development of the new LDE (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus) research center on Governance of Migration and Diversity. The center will launch formally on January 1st 2020 and marks the ambition of all three universities to take the successes of the LDE master GMD into the areas of research and impact. The center will be led by scholars from 8 different faculties from the three universities; I will be academic director. The center will be run by a team of four persons, including Dr. Mark van Ostaijen (EUR) as senior executive manger. In addition, we are looking for:

Key objectives of the new LDE Center on the Governance of Migration & Diversity (GMD) are to:

●      generate robust knowledge on one of the key societal transformations of our times, especially in the cities as well as at the universities involved in the collaboration.

●      contribute directly to the LDE strategic agenda on inclusive societies, as well as to various UNSDG’s

●      extend the already existing LDE collaboration in education (the master tracks Governance of Migration and Diversity) to the development of new lines of joint research and towards generating societal impact.

●      focus on the joint development of competitive national as well as European and international research projects

●      aim at creating a multiplier effect, to provide the means for sustainable future collaboration and for the center itself. 

●      combine the strengths of the three universities to have more impact at the front-end of the definition of funding schemes (such as Horizon Europe)

●      exploit complementarities between expertise and initiatives at the three universities, including Erasmus Initiatives, the Leiden ‘stimuleringsgebied’ on Social Citizenship and Migration, and the broader European collaboration in the context of IMISCOE.

●      explore opportunities to take the already existing education collaboration to another level

●      develop clear relations with societal stakeholders to generate societal impact and help achieve resilient and inclusive societies (including design labs and a collaboration with cities)

●      form an open collaboration, without sharp ‘borders’, in order to benefit the broad range of scholars working on the governance of migration and diversity at the three universities.

●      have a clear ambition to establish the LDE collaboration as one of the world’s leading places for research on migration and diversity from a governance perspective