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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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‘Integratiebeleid niet klaar voor toename vluchtelingen’

Item on Dutch news program 'Nieuwsuur' on 7-9-2015 (in Dutch)

Op 7 september besteedde Nieuwsuur aandacht aan mijn onderzoek naar de recente ontwikkeling van het integratiebeleid (o.m. het UPSTREAM project). Met name het punt dat de huidige toename in aantal asielverzoeken komt op een moment dat het integratiebeleid feitelijk is ontmanteld, werd duidelijk opgepakt.

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Field trip in Vietnam on climate change and migration

When it comes to climate change, sea level rise and flooding, the Dutch have developed a long tradition in terms of controlling the water. The Dutch are good in building dykes. However, they are less pronounced when it comes to the social consequences of climate change, or even the consequences of the more technological interventions in controlling the water.

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New article accepted by IRAS on Mainstreaming Integration Governance

With Elizabeth Collett and Milica Petrovic (MPI-Europe), I’ve co-authored an article titled ‘Mainstreaming Migrant Integration? A critical analysis of a new trend in integration governance.’ The article is based on empirical research done in the context of an MPI project on mainstreaming (link) and an EIF funded project coordinated by Erasmus University on Mainstreaming Integration Governance (UPSTREAM).

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Roundtable ‘Rethinking Social Inclusion Policy for a Hypermobile, Superdiverse Age’, Brussels, May 19th.

In the context of the UPSTREAM project, a roundtable is organized that brings together representatives from local governments throughout Europe and officials from the European Commission on the topic of ‘integration mainstreaming.’ The roundtable focuses on ‘Rethinking Social Inclusion Policy for a Hypermobile, Superdiverse Age.’ It is part of a broader series of roundtables held in various EU member states.

New article in JIMI on the multi-level governance of migrant integration in the UK and the Netherlands; ‘Between national models and local decoupling’

The Journal of International Migration and Integration has accepted my article ‘Between national models and multi-level decoupling: The pursuit of multi-level governance in UK and Dutch policies towards migrant incorporation’ for publication. The article is based on my VENI research project on Agenda Dynamics and the Multi-Level Governance of Migrant Integration.

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Article with Dekker and Belabas on ‘Interethnic Contact Online’ accepted by Journal of Intercultural Studies

The Journal of Intercultural Studies has accepted the article ‘Interethnic Contact Online. Contextualizing the Implications of Social Media use by Second Generation Migrant Youth’. I’ve co-authored this article with Rianne Dekker and Warda Balabas, both colleagues from Erasmus University. The article deals with the relation between social media use and inter-ethnic context amongst migrant youth in Rotterdam.

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