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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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IMISCOE Spring Conference; roundtable on ‘Building solidarity in diverse soceities’ with Kymlicka

DuringIMG-20150217-WA0001 the IMISCOE Spring Conference on ‘Mobility in Crisis’  (EUI Florence 29-30 January), Will Kymlicka held an inspioring keynote on ‘Building solidarity in diverse societies; Moving beyond neoliberal multiculturalism and welfare chauvinism.’ Together with Rainer Baubock, Willem Maas and Claus Offe, I participated in a roundtable in response to Kymlicka’s talk. If you wish to relive Will Kymlicka’s keynote (and roundtable), click here.

Opening key-note at conference on Framing and Immigration Policy

On 22 January, I’ll be opening speaker on a migration conference organised by the Department of Security and Justice. The conference discusses the impact of science and policy on the framing of immigration in media attention. My talk focuses in particular on the concept of framing, the methods for academics to study framing, and the strategies for policymakers to influence framing. See here for the full program.

Our book ‘Policy Analysis in the Netherlands’ finally published

It's finally there, our book “Policy Analysis in the Netherlands”, co-edited with my colleague Frans van Nispen. It has been a long journey with many ups and downs, but really relieved that we made it. The Netherlands is one of the most exceptional cases in terms of the institutionalization of policy analysis (advisory bodies, planning bureaus).

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New project on ‘Media attention, framing and immigrant policies’

Together with Rianne Dekker, I’ll be doing a new project in 2015 on ‘Media attention, framing and immigrant policies.’ The project is financed by the Research and Documentation Centre of the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice. The project elaborates on a number of projects on policy framing and media analysis that we have conducted in recent years.

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Call for papers: ‘Policy Learning and Policy Change’ (ICPP, Milan, 2015)

Together with Christopher Weible and Stephane Moyson, I’m co-editing a Special Issue about “Policy Learning & Policy change: Theorizing their relation from different policy perspectives”. In the context of this project, we organize a panel at the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP – July 2015, 1st-4th, Milan, Italy). See below for the call for papers.

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Two day workshop on ‘Theorizing Immigrant Integration in Multilevel States’, Cornell University, 10-11 Oct.

On 10-11 October, I’ll attend and speak at a two day workshop on “Theorizing Immigrant Integration in Multilevel States.” The workshop is organized by Michael Jones-Correa and Tiziana Caponio, at Cornell University (Ithaca). Participants include Ricard Zapata Barrero, Marco Martiniello, Ferruccio Pastore, Lina Newton, Els de Graauw, Karen Bird and Karen Schönwälder.

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New article accepted for publication at IMR: ‘A Local Dimension of Integration Policies? A comparative Study of Berlin, Malmo and Rotterdam’

The article ‘A Local Dimension of Integration Policies? A comparative Study of Berlin, Malmo and Rotterdam’ is based on the FP7 project UniteEurope, on social media and integration. For this project, an analysis was made of local policies in various European cities, including Berlin, Malmo and Rotterdam, on which this article is based.

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Book ‘Integrating Immigrants in Europe: Research-Policy Dialogues’ accepted for publication in the IMISCOE Research Series

The Editorial Committee of IMISCOE has accepted the book ‘Integrating Immigrants in Europe: Research-Policy Dialogues‘ for publication. The book is edited by Peter Scholten, Han Entzinger, Rinus Penninx and Stijn Verbeek. It brings together theoretical contributions by key experts as well as new field work on the interaction between research and policymaking in the field of migrant integration.

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