Public Policy in Action: New Perspectives on the Policy Process

Bekkers, V., Fenger, M. and Scholten, P. (2017)

Edward Elgar Publishers.

This comprehensive textbook explores the policy process from a multitude of perspectives, including rationalism, culturalism, institutionalism and from a political point of view. This allows students to discover key concepts from the policy science literature and gain a deeper understanding of how public policy is discussed academically and shaped empirically. 
Public Policy in Action gives a detailed breakdown of all stages of the policy process by discussing the emergence of policy problems affecting the agenda, the formulation of policy alternatives, the decision-making process, the implementation of policies and the progression to evaluation, learning and policy change. The authors also outline the sets of factors which influence the steps of the policy process internally and externally. The book is supported by a wide variety of case studies from a number of national and international contexts of relevance to an international audience.  

Key features include:

• Up-to-date review of the literature on the policy process

• Coverage on all key elements of the policy cycle

• Insight into the complexity of policy making in practice

• Multiple perspectives of the policy process

• Critical reflections on the roles of policy analysts

• Multiple case studies including water management, migration and social policies. 

Table of contents:

1. Politics and Policies in a Changing World

2. Four Perspectives on the Policy Process

3. Policy Problems and Agenda Setting

4. Policy Formulation: Development, Steering, Instruments and Decision-Making

5. Policy Implementation

6. Evaluating Public Policy

7. Policy Dynamics: Learning, Change and Innovation

8. The Reflective Policy Maker


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